"Messianic Judaism"; or Judaising Christianity
Part 1 - Introductory
Reprinted from "The Scattered Nation"
The Organ of the Hebrew Christian Testimony to Israel, but at the same time devoted to the interests of Israel generally.


IT has been a principle with us, as far as ever possible, to keep the pages of The Scattered Nation clear of all controversial subjects, and to devote all its space either to the unfolding of the Word of God or to records of His work, and the spread of truthful information about the condition of the Jewish people in the different lands of their dispersion. There are, however, rare occasions when we must make exceptions to our rule, and, without entering into controversy, at least define our own position in relation to such controversial subjects which very vitally affect the cause of Christ among Israel and the spiritual welfare of those of our Jewish people whose eyes have been opened to recognise in Jesus of Nazareth the true Messiah and Son of God.

From different directions questions have been addressed to us as to our views and attitude in relation to the "Jewish Messianic Movement," which rather grand-sounding designation does not describe any movement of Jews in the direction of recognising our Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah, but an agitation on the part of some Hebrew Christian brethren, who have evidently yet much to learn as to the true character of their high calling of God in Christ Jesus, supported by a few no doubt well-meaning excellent Gentile Christian friends, who either do not understand the real tendency of this "movement," or betray a sad lack of insight into the plainly-revealed plan and purpose of God in this present dispensation.

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