The Five Visions of Daniel

In September of 2010, I attended a Conference in Ohio called "A People Prepared for These Last Days." My dear friend Reggie Kelly was a featured speaker, and a few other brothers I knew were going to be in attendance. The brother who organized the event planned for us to go through the chapters of Daniel that contained visions regarding the last days (Ch 2, 7, 8, 9, and 10-12).

It is almost embarrassing to say that this is the first time in my 25 years of "believing," that any exposition of the "apocalyptic" books has rung true to me. Daniel, Revelation and portions of other books have been "closed" books to me, despite the abundance of commentaries that exist on the subject.

I took a nice audio recorder, not knowing exactly what for, but believing that something worth recording would be said. Another brother from Iran, brought a video recorder. Since coming home from that conference I have been working on editing the good quality audio and putting it together with the good video, so that listeners would be able to concentrate on the message, not the noise of the camcorder or those sitting near it. I've then divided it into 15 minute or less sections for uploading to YouTube (the maximum YT allows).

In recent days, the last section of Daniel video was uploaded. It has now been gathered into a course called "The Five Visions of Daniel." At this time I would like to highly commend the course to anyone who has happened upon this page. I believe the material is foundational, and that it provides a key to understanding the big picture of what our eternal God has been doing since creation, what He is doing today, and what He will be doing in the future.

I am praying that those who have ears to hear will be drawn to the course and that they will be given strength to listen to the bulk of the material, even in the absence of the excitement of being there with the saints.


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